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aespa – Girls – The 2nd Mini Album

Audio Format: FLAC

Release Date: 2022.07.08

Genre: Dance

01 - Girls
02 - Illusion
03 - Lingo
04 - Life's Too Short
05 - ICU
06 - Life's Too Short (English Version)
07 - Black Mamba
08 - Forever
09 - Dreams Come True

Metabus girl group aespa releases second mini album “Girls”!
Worldview Story Season 1 is over! Including the title song, there are 6 new songs of various genres and 9 songs including the previous songs!

Metabus girl group aespa has released its new mini-album “Girls.”

The album includes a total of nine songs, including the title song “Girls,” which contains the story of the worldview, six new songs of various genres, as well as the existing songs “Black Mamba,” “Forever,” and “Dreams Come True,” which are enough to meet the unique music color of aespa.

Earlier, aespa made three consecutive mega hits with the single “Next Level” and the first mini-album title song “Savage” following its debut song “Black Mamba,” achieving 100 million views in the shortest period of time in the K-pop group’s debut music video, and 20th place on the U.S. “Billboard” chart.

Title track “Girls”, a powerful and wild dance song! Aespa Worldview Season 1 is coming to an end!

The title song “Girls” is a dance song with strong wobble bass and rough texture synth sound, impressing the confident vocals and rapping of the aespa members, and the lyrics include the last episode of the season 1 of SMA with a new story, growing up after aespa and aespa.

In addition, “Life’s Too Short” is a medium-tempo pop song featuring catchy guitar riffs and bright and hopeful vocals, with a positive ambition to enjoy a one-time life without regret. The English version of Aespa’s first English single, Life’s Too Short, which was released on June 24, is also included as a bonus track, which was released at the largest outdoor music festival in the U.S. in April.

In addition, the song “Illusion,” which was pre-released on June 1, is a hip-hop dance song featuring a strong 808 base and an ear-catching kick sound, highlighting the harmony of minimal but trendy track sound and restrained rap, and the lyrics express the desire to captivate the opponent by comparing it to the goblin.

In addition, it consists of energetic dance song “Lingo” and medium tempo ballad song “ICU” featuring warm vocals of aespa, so you can enjoy the vocal charm and music world of aespa.

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