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OOHYO – Sand

Audio Format: FLAC

Release Date: 2022.06.29

Genre: Electronic, Indie Electronic

1. Sand

Indie singer-songwriter Woo-hyo has returned with a digital single [Sand]. [Sand] is a song that combines minor sensibility songs such as [Camera], [Obvious Chicken], and [Sad Lounge], and combines the sensibility of K-pop in the 8th and 90s with retro synth pop. The sound, which is significantly deeper and more sophisticated than previously released songs, is the result of the sound design of Jeon Ji-han, the leader of the band Peter Pan Complex (PPCX), and drummer Kim Kyung-in’s constantly challenging Woo-hyo’s work style and form.

[Sand] is a song made by the thought of living in an era where love is hard to believe. Many people seem to be tired of numerous light and superficial relationships that come as if they would fill some needs, such as sand flowing down from their hands and scattering in the wind, and cherry blossoms that bloom beautifully for a while and then become small petals. With the development of technology, consciousness, and culture, it has a splendid and rich shape, but isn’t excessive individualism and the flow of change that encourages it creating a society without substance and a society without love? Wouldn’t everyone be living in a society where everyone focuses only on their own needs, a society where the ability to sympathize with the other person’s mood is lost, and all other values of humanity are sacrificed for self-realization and self-expression?

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